Mannerations™ Pre-School Program

Pre-school is a wonderful age for children to start learning good manners. They are starting to socialize more and enjoying the company of others. They understand acceptable behaviors and why they are important. Learning good manners early in life sets the stage for a more successful future. READ MORE….

Mannerations™ School Age Programs

Good manners are a skill set school age children will utilize for their lives. Good behavior sets children apart from their peers, and can give them an illustrious edge in a myriad of situations.
School Age programs can be customized to a 4, 6, 8 week program meeting for 30 minutes to 1 hour, once a week. Program frequency and length is dependent on a child’s age. There is a thorough review and reinforcement of learned etiquette principles during each session. READ MORE….

Mannerations™ Teenage / College Programs

Teenage and college life can be tough – from technology related etiquette to dating, dining, college and job interviews, teens face a multitude of challenges. Mannerations™ helps teens feel more confident while they begin to navigate their way into adulthood. Our program teaches the necessary skills to improve their basic etiquette and dining knowledge, polish their communication social skills, learn to handle difficult social situations with ease, and most importantly empower them with knowledge to embrace our complex world with grace. READ MORE….

Mannerations™ One-Day Children’s Workshops

Mannerations™ one-day children’s workshops are designed for children to receive an introduction to social etiquette and dining basics. These programs are ideal for recreation departments, country clubs, girl /Boy Scout troops and other civic organizations. READ MORE….

Mannerations™ Business Programs & Speaking Arrangements

The competitive business environment companies most survive and thrive in requires people skills. Communications and client relationship building is critical to a business’s success. Sometimes business success is dependent on employees’ ability to socially navigate and manage across cultures, multi-generational workforce, and interpersonal styles. Understanding and implementing proper business etiquette is essential in today’s global marketplace is essential. Mannerations™ Business Programs are customized to meet your business’s specific goals. We offer interactive workshops and tailored presentations to audiences big and small. Our workshops and presentations are interactive and based on realistic business scenarios, demonstrations, role playing, and (of course) fun.

Some of the benefits your business can expect to gain include: improved customer service, enhanced employee relations / reduced employee conflict, increased productivity, effective communications and employee confidence in business and social situations. Speaking engagements and customized programs can be arranged and customized on a variety of etiquette topics for businesses (small and large), clubs, schools, organizations and fund-raisers. READ MORE….