Children’s One Day Workshops

Mannerations™ one-day children’s workshops are designed for children to receive an introduction to social etiquette and dining basics. These programs are ideal for recreation departments, country clubs, Girl/Boy Scout troops and other civic organizations.

Mannerations™ Social Etiquette

This program teaches proper etiquette techniques to successfully manage social situations. Some of the topics reviewed include: greetings and introductions, being a good guest and host, written correspondence, and behavior at celebrations and other life events. Children learn through role playing, worksheets and fun games. This one-hour class is offered to children 6 – 12 years old

Mannerations™ Dining Program

Learn the etiquette of dining in a fun interactive and memorable manner. A four course meal is consumed while etiquette instruction is provided.  A discussion of why good manners during dining are important, and how to correctly behave and manage a formal meal. This one-hour class is offered to children 6 – 12 years old.